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Confronting Political Absolutism: How to Defend Democracy

We face the greatest threat to American democracy since the Civil War: a strategic alliance between Religious-Right absolutists and anti-government libertarian absolutists. Over the last fifty years, the Democratic party has repeatedly fallen into the traps they have set. To escape the strategic errors of the past, today's new progressives need a new, sharp, simple counter-strategy that anyone can use in conversation with anyone.   

Giving Up Outrage for Lent

 Donald Trump is driving me crazy. Maybe I should give up outrage for Lent.

How to Get Through to Republican Officials and Trump Supporters

We need to do more than phone our elected officials and scream. We need to invoke two major domains of American symbolism. 

Scapegoats Are a Diversionary Tactic

Like any other Right wing attacks on scapegoats, Donald Trump's Muslim ban is a deliberate policy to distract attention from his larger agenda. Let's respond strategically. Here's how.