Table of Contents

Part One: What Does It Profit? Wanting More From Life Than a Paycheck

Autobiographical Prelude: Of Kids, Careers, and Craziness

Chapter 1. How Competition Has Replaced Compassion in American Culture
The Tinker Man's Endeavor - Who Cares? - The Power of What's Missing

Chapter 2. Compassion, Altruism, and the Common Good
Religious Accounts of Compassion - The Altruist & the Rational Actor

Conclusion. Reclaiming the Common Good

Part Two: The Angel and the Oaf: How the Self Divided Against Itself and Everybody Lost


Chapter 3. How Did We Get Into This Mess?
The Spiritual Grammar of the West - Virtue and the Good Life - Surviving in a World Grazed Thin By Death

Chapter 4. Can We Blame the Victorians?
The Challenge of Industrial Capitalism - The Changing Vocabulary of Virtue - The Rise of Separate Spheres

Chapter 5. Why Gender Dualism Leaves Us All Half-Crazed
Distortions and Deteriorations in Gender Identity - Gender Metaphors and the Loss of Compassion - Gender Metaphors and Contemporary Motherhood Polemics

Conclusion: Reclaiming Our Humanity

Part Three: Home Sweet Home: How Family Values Fail Us


Chapter 6. Making It Official: Why Morality and Compassion Don't Belong in Public
Family Values and the "Public" World - How "Family Values" Undermine the Common Good - A Plague of Experts - Discounting Ourselves

Chapter 7. What Counts Is What Counts--And Nothing Else Does
The Rise of Quantification - Double-Entry Bookkeeping and the Either/Or Cosmology of Spreadsheets

Chapter 8. "Home Sweet Home" as Sacred Center
The Mythic Resonance of "Home - The Architectural Mythography of "Home oThe Mythic Locus and the Shopping Mall

Chapter 9. Having a Soul That's Not for Sale
Has Meaning Any Meaning? - The Divided Self - The Triumph of the Therapeutic

Conclusion: Caring in Public

Part Four. He Who Dies With the Most Toys Wins: Secular Salvation and the Divine Right of Markets


Chapter 10. What's "Work"?
Having a Life and Finding Flow - "Something More" than Paid Work

Chapter 11. The History of Our Dilemma
Downsizing and Damnation - Predestination: How Do I Know If I'm "Saved"? - Success as Salvation - My Job, My Self - What If Work Does Not Define Us?

Chapter 12. Selling Ourselves Short in a Buyer's Market
Consumerism and Self-Definitions - Marketplace Realities and the Time Bind - The "Divine Right" of Markets - Conscience and the Divided Self


Part 5: Decoding the Child Care Debates


Chapter 13: The Predicament of Parents
The Data on Childcare

Chapter 14: Parents in the Crossfire: Disputes Among Academics
The Behaviorists - The Attachment Theorists - Sorting Out the Issues: New Work in Neuroscience - The Social Skills of Newborns - The Battle Among Biologists: Genetic Determinism - Reclaiming the Question: The Concept of Memory - Reclaiming the Question: The Reality of "Self"

Conclusion: Compassion and Parenthood

Part Six. Survival and Integrity: Defining Our Choices, Living Our Lives


Chapter 15. The Question of Conscience
Deconstructing Conscience - Moral Norms and the Deliberate Life - The Moral Autonomy of Conscience: A Christian Account - Conscience, Faith, and Imagination

Chapter 16: The Arts of Moral Discernment
Ignatian Discernment: An Overview - Neuroscience and Discernment - The Core of A Decision: Consolation and Desolation - The Rational Actor and the Religious Believer

Conclusion: To Seek a Discerning Heart