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On Praying for Enemies

I have been praying for Donald Trump just to see what would happen. Happen to me, not to him.

A Sane and Honorable Resistance: Two Moral Principles

Election results will neither redeem nor condemn us. I know that. And I'm trying to keep my moral balance here, but it's tough. Election-night dread is upon me. I need something to steady my resolve and steady my nerves. Here's what I've found.

Women, Deceit, and Disorder: Gender and the Spiritual Grammar of the West

 Dr. Ford unnerved them. She undermined their confidence that powerful men rule secure and furthermore deserve every ounce of the power they have accrued. The threat she posed reflects an ancient pattern in Western culture.. 

Why Reasonable People Are Crazy: On Evil, Optimism, and Hope

Republicans in Congress threaten the (mostly unconscious) world-view of ordinary rationalists. Here's the backstory you need—and some advice about reclaiming your own moral center.