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Can Christians Question?

Evangelical pastor Timothy Keller told New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof that he's probably damned for questioning the literal historicity of the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, and the miracles, and so forth. That's nonsense. Here's why.

"Protest Votes"

According to new polls from the Pew Forum, two-thirds of Americans are dissatisfied with all ballot choices this fall. (In 2008, by comparison, only twenty-eight percent were dissatisfied at this point in the election cycle.) The hazard here is very real.

Anglican Anxieties

Major regional bishops ("Primates") of the Anglican Communion have lobbed a bomb in the American culture wars over gay marriage: the Episcopal Church USA has been censured for blessing marriages between men or between women.

The Refugee Crisis?

Secular and religious humanists welcome diversity as a source of flexible strength, economic innovation, and cultural vitality. We have dramatically different reasons for advocating inclusivity, but that's okay. Our conceptual differences must not blind us to the bottom line