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Women, Deceit, and Disorder: Gender and the Spiritual Grammar of the West

 Dr. Ford unnerved them. She undermined their confidence that powerful men rule secure and furthermore deserve every ounce of the power they have accrued. The threat she posed reflects an ancient pattern in Western culture.. 

Why Reasonable People Are Crazy: On Evil, Optimism, and Hope

Republicans in Congress threaten the (mostly unconscious) world-view of ordinary rationalists. Here's the backstory you need—and some advice about reclaiming your own moral center. 

On Finding My Voice again: Lessons from a Year of Silence

 I stopped writing because Trump drove me crazy. Crochet helped me find my voice again—and a new understanding of what this blog should be about.

Make No Mistake: Health Policy Is a Moral Issue. Kristi L. Kirschner MD

Universal healthcare is a human right protected by every other major democracy. Guest essay by bioethicist Kristi L. Kirschner MD.