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The Calls of Conscience: Northam and Political Expediency

Ralph Northam should resign. By the same moral standards, so should Trump. What does it say that Republican leaders have not told him so?

The Saved, the Damned, and the Wall: A Background Briefing for Progressives

Trump's white-Christian base supports him—and his wall—in defiance of everything taught by Jesus of Nazareth. The progressive Christian Left understands why. And we know what to do.

On Praying for Enemies

I have been praying for Donald Trump just to see what would happen. Happen to me, not to him.

A Sane and Honorable Resistance: Two Moral Principles

Election results will neither redeem nor condemn us. I know that. And I'm trying to keep my moral balance here, but it's tough. Election-night dread is upon me. I need something to steady my resolve and steady my nerves. Here's what I've found.